Better cooking – The best food – Italy!

Wine, fantastic dishes and Italian people go hand in hand. Those who want to learn more about Italian food – cannot do so without Italian herbs and products, surely Italian spices as well.

Sorrento Coast pleased visitors to come and enjoy Italy while staying in authentic condaminimums, villas and luxurious or calm homes.  Part of the overall experience is learning to cook Italian food and understand taste of good wine.  Modern cooking schools are the best and relevant way to get a perfect taste of Sorrento away from Rome and other traffic cities.niu
There are a lot of schools of how to cook and how to drink in Italy. The most popular classes in Sorrento Coast combine rustic Italian dishes with a modern touch for the full experience of the Italian lifestyle.  Experts have a combined 50 years in the cooking and dining industry, and they have a perfect taste and the best education.

Tourists can visit these classes every day – every day is the best solution, because people can’t learn to cook without the full experience of hands on training, so the cooking classes should be held every day.
“Sorrento Coast Italian food classes are for the visitors that are pleased to the traditional Italian dishes and would like to find out our style and respect for dishes in a lively environment. Sorrento Coast schools are aimed to create conditions for participants to easily produce a complete menu.  To be honest, we try to give particular attention to organic and local ingredients,” said Maria.

Being in Italy, everyone should taste two things: pasta and Italian espresso! But after visiting Sorrento food classes every person should be able to cook 10 fantastic Italian dishes, pasta is the first!

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