Italian People & Italian Nationality

Social and eating habits of Italians

Italian people are warm hearted human beings. They love enjoying life through celebrations, parties and occasions of merry making. Italians celebrate festive occasions by socializing with friends afodnd family. These people are very fond of talking and doing intense conversations. If you come out on the streets of Italy you find people of all ages sitting at cafes and piazza (square). These Italian people will be found to be engaged in discussing diverse kinds of topics like politics, family, food, tourism, country’s economy, sports and work. For Italians doing conversation is an art to socialize with others. The eating habits of Italian people are also interesting. These people take morning breakfast on their way to office or business in their favorite café. Morning breakfast generally includes coffee and sweet item like a pastry filled with jam or chocolate. The lunch time of Italians starts from 12 at noon to 2 ‘0’ clock.

Other eating habits and nationality rules of Italians

Italians retire to rest for two hours from their work to have their mid day lunch. During this time you will find all offices and shops closed for two hours till 2’o’ clock in the day. The mid day meal of Italians includes pasta cooked with variety of sauces. Italians also love eating fried rice cooked with variety of vegetables. After two hours in the noon the streets of Italy will be seen once again to be filled with people going back to their routine work. Italian citizenship can be taken according to the rules of jus sanguinis.

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