Italians And Russians

Italian and Russian stereotypes are the two most impressive groups of the world. Although, the American stereotype is dominating over both of these stereotypes still nowadays these stereotypes are highly preferred by people who want to get well cultured partner or call girls-
Below are some key features of the Italian culture

Italian stereotype

The first and the most important thing about the Italian stereotype is that these people prefer family over everything. They never avoid sparing nice time with the family. On other hand, they want to spend leisure with the partner of opposite sex for passion, drama, theatre and romance. They praise beauty and beautiful figure. Loyalty for home town is the utmost feature they possess. Although Italy has higher number of divorces but almost all married and family owned people give sufficient time to the family.

Russian stereotype

The first important thing to know about Russians is that they love their country and countrymen very much still some common things within all Russian people cannot be ignored if one is looking a partner within them. Most of the Russian people are alcoholic and suspicious. They cannot be expected for being vegetarian. Another shocking point about their attitude is that they often give too many advices even if you don’t want so. Like Italy people, Russians are not that much music lover to develop good rock and pop music. Overall these people are thought to be conservative and narrow minded. They are very traditional and even believe on wicked powers and fear to be around black people.

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