For visitors to get a really fulfilling experience of the place they are visiting they need to know much more than the cheapest place to stay or eat.

And for the people in their destination to get a really fulfilling experience of visitors they need them to relate in a fuller way, meet them, read their news, eat the local food and drink the wine, see local sights and hear the stories. Go home satisfied, longing to come back again.Picture

Not going that further step often means that there are so many wonderful things in a destination that visitors miss out on – and so many great local businesses in a destination that miss out on visitors.

In particular, a fabulous destination such as Romagna (the part of Italy between the Apennines and the Adriatic) cannot easily showcase its offer. Why? Because with its amazing wealth of culture, history, food, wine, wildlife, beach life, scenery, mountains, woods, and sea – even winter skiing – it’s simply got too much!

And it is impossible to properly portray this astonishing and complex visitor treasure-chest through the narrow global tourism marketing machine.

Nowadays it’s easy enough to market a beach destination, or a culture destination or an ecotourism destination or a foodie destination or a ski destination.

But all of that and more in one place… almost impossible.

Hence the new, regular lifestyle magazine “the Best of Romagna” Just released to much acclaim. Its 34 colourful pages are packed full of great pictures, delicious recipes, fascinating stories, glorious art and culture, travel and excursion offers– all about Romagna! And it is easy to download and to read on a tablet, or even a smartphone.

The object – to offer visitors and potential visitors a real in-depth valuable experience rather than a superficial look so that they can get much more value from their holiday time and expenditure – and so that more locals can benefit too.

Said publisher Valere Tjolle “Tourism marketing has become too homogenous and destinations like Romagna with such an extraordinary and varied visitor offer miss out because they just don’t fit into a simple boring slot.”

“We see “The Best of Romagna” as a real disruptive tourism innovation because it dramatically widens the scope of tourism – offering much more both to the visitor and to Romagna alike. Simply visitors will get more and so will locals. Read the magazine to see what I mean!”

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