Secret Truths of an Italian Escort Image

Italian escorts… Of course, they are different, because generations differ from each other, as well as social circles, everyday life of these girls starting from cheerful Friday parties and special festive occasions. What are the secrets of Italian escorts? How do they look like?

Italians are shoppers; they can’t live without shopping, as well as without morning cup of espresso. The obligatory clothes are black trousers, a black dress and a beautiful coat. Italian escorts are very feminine. It is they who put on shoes and coquettish throat-wraps on New Year’s Eve, despite frost. They suggested first wearing t-shirts with a half covered shoulder. This is the power of their mentality, but all of them want to be sexy.12

Italian escorts prefer multiple layers in clothes. They choose one pair of shoulder-straps put on the second one and then the tunic with a light cardigan. All clothes are combined according to colour and texture. The image is usually completed with a refined scarf. Italians escorts prefer asymmetrical clothes of one colour shade, instead of combinations of different colours. In everyday life Italian escorts choose casual style, because it is practical and convenient.

There are a lot of things that distinguish British escorts form Italian. For example, most Italian escorts impress their UK clients with an big number of shoes. For every day they choose casual footwear — flats, sneakers and even uggs. But in the evening Italian escorts put on high heels. Italian escorts can put on open sandals with high heels at any time in spite of the weather, because it is bellissimo. Besides, Italians take care of fashion trends, they put on a lot of jewellery, large, bright and unique. They have jewelry for any occasion. Italian escorts like sunglasses very much. It is the main accessory for them. It is a real must-have for them. Italian girls wear sunglasses with pleasure. And of course, it is difficult to imagine Italian girl without handbags and clutches, and scarves… a lot of scarves!

Italian escorts have a very remarkable and very important advantage. It is their magnificent hair! Brilliant, well-groomed and well cut, heavy waves of hair falling down on brittle shoulders. Italians escorts take care about hair and practically every week the Italian escort goes to her hairstylist. Italians have thick and beautiful hair.

Everyone knows that Italians escorts are always slim and well-built. It is all because they go to sport gyms and swimming pool. This hobby amplifies during the New Year’s and Christmas holidays. During the holidays even the laziest Italian escorts go to gyms in order to lose extra kilos.

In general, Italian escorts are very sociable, cheerful, and light-minded. They like to have a good time in the company of their friends and clients, of course. They like pizzerias, bars, discos and small romantic restaurants. If you have met the girl of indefinite age, well-built, always laughing loudly and with a great hair, don’t doubt – it is one of Italian escorts!

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