Shopping in Italy

I dreamt about shopping in Italy: luxurious shoes and top brands, attractive and sexy dress, watches and perfumes! Moreover, sales..sales..sales!

So, before going to Italy for shopping I made huge resource and find out the best places, which I want to visits: molls, outlets and local shops. My trip was just 2 days shopping tour – so I got not too much time.
Day first: I come to Fiumicino airport. Cannot say that I like this airport too much: very expensive costs for brand clothes like HUGO BOSS; not great service of Italian staff people in cafes – even rather bad espresso – for me it is terrible for Italy – shame; always mobs of people near password control. I booked a car near Fiumicino, used eurocar – I like this company and always booked cars all over the globe using it. Nice people working in this company all over the world, reasonable price for cars + insurance. What more can you desire? Only good way to first shopping center.6

My first shopping center – was Castel Romano, it is designer outlet near Rome – about 25 km. Way was easy, road great, music on radio fantastic. Castel Romano – advantages and disadvantages of this outlet. 1 – if you want to have quality clothes – yes you will find it there, but no relevant sizes of most items, clothes with spoilage: I was in a hurry to buy more clothes for all members of my family and did not pay attention of rejects in many, really many clothes. See examples: spots in baby Adidas costumes (which cannot be moved) – I paid for it 18 euro, patch in Adidas child shoes for 22 euro, no one stone in MK watch – 150 euro, out-of-the-way hole in female Guess trousers for 48 euro, Guess evening dress with small hole, which I surely didn’t see for 98 euro, fantastic Valentino cloak without button – 520 euro. I was happy with shopping on the moment of shopping, but when I come back – I felt depressed with all rejects. So, pay more attention in choosing clothes on spoilage – remember you will not have possibility to take them back.

My second shopping day I spend in local Rome shops – buying unknown but very interesting brand clothes and went to PIAZZA DI SPAGNA. I really liked Rome local clothes shops: fantastic design – cheap price: t-shirt – 8-10 euro, dress – 20-60 euro, trousers – 12-50 euro, bags from 2 euro even! Moreover, luxurious bijouterie and costume jewellery from 15 euro. Really fantas7tic! PIAZZA DI SPAGNA very big street with luxurious, top brand shops. Costs are magnificent, but I was planning to buy something there – so prepare 1000 euro for it. What I was able to buy at PIAZZA DI SPAGNA shops (expensive prices I saw only coming to Russia)  for 1000 euro: Baldinini shoes or Dolce & Gabbana new season jeans, Fausto Santini leather bag or Frette colorful chair, Giorgio Armani dress or many accessories in La Coppola Storta (was so many – so I cannot choose even one – did not buy anything). I did not buy these things which I mentioned – because my salary in 1000 euro per month and I understand what is money and how much should I work for Dolce & Gabbana new season jeans, so I went to MAC cosmetics shop and got some good quality lipsticks and powder for me and my best friend: total sum: 120 euro. I was very happy and my friend as well.
So, this is my 2 days shopping trip to Rome. Next time I am planning to go in winter and explore more new shops, shopping centers and outlets and surely will share with you my opinion about shopping in Italy.

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