Spending the stay in Italy for 1000 Euros

Spending the stay in Italy for 1000 Euros

Italy is certainly among the most beautiful locations in the whole world and that is the only reason why millions of tourists come to visit Italy from different parts of the world. This is also true that visiting such an exotic location means to spend lot of money on the hotels, restaurants and on the other necessary expenses related to staying in the beautiful country.

If the tourists are planning to visit Italy for the vacations or any other purpose and they have not got any kind of means and higher budget then they do not have to worry too much about this because there are some tips and the methods through which these people can enjoy the cheap stay in Italy. First of all the tourists need to make their plans for the holidays and the vacations in the peak seasons. It is very important first to get the tour guide of the country to where you are going and know maximum things about that place. That will only going to help the people and there are various people who does that.1000

Off season in Italy

The off peak season normally falls in the month of the February to May and also in the month of the September till the last of January. In these months it is usually seen that the accommodations in Italy is very cheap as very lesser number of people visit the country during this time. Therefore the chances of finding the lower accommodation and the hotel rooms become that much higher. The hotel fares during this off peak season can go down to thirty to forty percent of what it used to be in the normal months. So that can be way much cheaper than what the tourists must have thought of. There are many tourists coming to Italy and are staying in these off peak season for cheaper fares and some of them can even live in the country for lesser than one thousand Euros which can sound pretty illogical but it is true. The other thing which the tourists must do is to book the vacation tickets at the earliest possible time because if they make any kind of delays in this the tickets will not be available any more.

Lesser rates of accommodation

The hotels and the restaurants also tend to provide the lower rates for the people who are on vacation and who have booked their tickets well ahead of time. They can easily get some kind of discount and rebate in the stay and also in the food. People also need to check out for the best food and the cuisine as Italy is famous for the Pizza, pasta and other wines also. Turin is also a popular tourist destination spot of the country although it is not so much popular but still has got various tourist spots and the destination spots. It is located in Piedmont area of the country which is located in the north western region of the nation. This is the city which is pretty famous for the chocolates, fun, enjoyment, football and Turin Shroud. Being closer to the Alps this place is also famous for the skiing holiday in the country.

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