The Study of Italian People & Culture

Nature and beliefs of Italian People

The people of Italy are warm hearted by nature. These people like to relax and enjoy merry making.people Italians love to celebrate parties and festivals by socializing with friends and family.  They celebrate and relax with their family and friends either at home or in a majestic restaurant. Italian people enjoy eating traditional cuisines.  These people are very fond of talking while having their daily meals. In Italy conversation is considered as an art to socialize. If you walk in the Italian streets and stop at a café or city square then you will find Italians of diverse ages busy in doing discussions on a variety of topics like work, family, politics, wine, food and sports especially on football. The piazza also known as square remains the meeting point of people living in villages and cities of Italy. It does not matter how big or small a piazza is, you will definitely find people sitting there and involved in general discussions.

Italian citizenship and nationality

The law of Italian nationality is that law that tells us about the way through which a person can acquire and transfer Italian nationality. Similar to other European nations the Italian law of citizenship is based on jus sanguine. The principal of Jus Sanguine  applies to those people who are born to stateless parents or to those parents who cannot transfer their nationality to their off springs. According to Italian law that was enforced on 27th April 1983, Italian parents can adopt foreign minor children by transferring Italian nationality to them.

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