Will hot Italians legalize prostitution?

Italy is really the hub to all catchy and interesting things. Everything in the country from cast to culture, travel to shopping, charm to passion and rules to prostitution is amazingly outstanding. Women in Italy are so catchy and beautiful that anyone can lose its heart to the charming beauty.  That’s why, women who are willing to work as commercial sex worker turns into escort their and earn good money through their potential customers. Prostitution is completely legal in Italy but some unethical practices like human trafficking, child prostitution and forced prostitution is forbidden throughout the continent.

Europe is already a well known hub to potential escorts and apart from the people from local area, international tourists also takes interest to enjoy their services frequently. When it comes upon legalization of Asian escort industry there, things vary country to country, in some countries even prostitution itself is an illegal practice while in others’ it has been legalized but running well organized brothel has not been allowed.

In Italy, as escort jobs are completely legalized, even street prostitution has higher rate. In this direction, sometimes illegal practices also come to light such as human trafficking and forced prostitution. As per a report Italy has higher number of victims bearing human trafficking. In order to stop these practices, government is planning to launch some effective rules.

Although, the increased rate of prostitution in the country seems not to be controlled easily still the main objective of the government resides on to control of intolerable crimes in this filed. No doubt, that the escort industry being run in Italy is basically formed up of domestic Italian women only who find it easier and interesting to make good money by catching attention of foreign clients over them. Apart from them, women from Western countries, African, Indonesian, Chinese, Turkish etc. constitute major percentage of active escorts in the industry.

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